For the love of ‘Z’

(c) Dennis Skley, (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

(c) Dennis Skley, (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

There is no letter that I love more in the alphabet than the letter ‘z’. A strange affection for a letter, but I can no longer hide my obsession. There is something exotic and at the same time taboo about the last character of the Latin alphabet. It is the one letter that users of the English language argue about the most. Many English speaking EU countries leverage an ‘s’ in many words where American English utilize a ‘z’. Words like realize (realise) and serialize (serialise) interchange ‘z’ and ‘s’ dependent on geographical location or dialect at birth.

Chris Musgraves and I like to argue about this topic. The conversations usually begins with my annoyance that he swaps his ‘z’s with ‘s’s. Then he finds it hilarious to continue antagonizing me about my obsession. He is British and I’m American… we will never see eye to eye.

Is it strange that one loves a single letter so much? When hand writing, there is always a little flutter of excitement in my heart when I have to write a word that contains a ‘z’. Sometimes I go out of my way to write a word that contains a ‘z’ just so I can experience the joy in writing it. There have been times that I’ve gone to the extent of writing the solidary letter over and over again across paper. The zig and the zag of the pen stroke as the letter is fluidly scripted. Writing this letter is my zen, a way to calm myself when the craziness of life begins to take hold. I guess it is better than binge eating on ice cream when stressed out.

Oh, letter ‘z’, ‘zee’, ‘zed’, you wonderfully taboo little character! You will never understand my zealous and zany obsession over your existence. May you never comprehend my woefulness over the hearsay that you are dying out and in some languages cultures are already a dead letter. Letter ‘z’, you are such an integral part of our lives. Without you mathematical equations will become null, programming languages won’t compute, the exotic flare that you bring to vocabulary will fizzle out, and sleep will become disruptive because we will have lost our Zzzzzz’s. Hell, without you, we won’t have Zombies!

The world would be most boring without your zippy and zestful existence in the alphabet.

Letter ‘z’, I love you.

Come on now! Don’t call me crazy. We are all writers here and all have odd obsessions (did you miss that in the job description? It’s a requirement). For the love of words, I know you have a secret passion for a letter. Do you care to share? Comment below if you feel like exposing your secret.


What day is it?

Did you ever have one of those weeks where time seems to have slipped into a black hole? For the entirety of yesterday, I thought the day was Monday. I know I lived through the real Monday as I remember working from the corporate office and eating the lunch I put together Sunday night. Yet, the whole day seems to have dropped from my mind’s calendar, sliding Tuesday into the Monday’s slot. Needless to say, I thought I had another day to write a post for The Sarcastic Muse. When I woke up this morning and noticed the day was filled with my typical Wednesday meetings, that is when I realized I misplaced an entire day.

My sincerest apologies that there will be no typical TSM post about writing today. I am sure it will be missed as it has been a tad quiet around TSM HQ lately. The summer has been rather strange and crazy for all. That being said, as much as we love your support in reading our blog, it’s a beautiful summer day! You should be out frolicking through the fields and climbing trees, maybe writing in a notebook under the blue and sunny sky. Not sitting indoors, reading off your computer, phone, tablet, etc.

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