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If I Don’t Use Social Media, Am I Wrong?

social mediaMy time is precious.  Isn’t yours?  There are only so many hours in the day and I prioritize carefully to preserve my writing time.

Up until now, I haven’t felt the need for social media, especially after watching friends get sucked into Facebook and other sites, losing the time they set aside for writing.

It wasn’t until Hannah Scott shared her prospective agents list with me and I saw the notation next to several of them that said “requires online presence” that I gave it much though.  What?  Ack!  Agents require an online presence?

When I received a gracious invitation to join The Sarcastic Muse, I figured it’s now or never.  Might as well get my feet wet  while I have good friends to show me the ropes, right?  I mean to do right by The Sarcastic Muse.  I don’t profess to know a lot about writing, but I can tell you about my writing and process.

So here I am and I just have one question.  How much actual time do you spend blogging, tweeting, posting pinning, and tumbling?  What’s the minimum time I could spend each day and still have an “online presence?”   If I don’t enjoy social media, which are the most important to work with?

One thought on “If I Don’t Use Social Media, Am I Wrong?

  1. That depends on your goal. Many are trying to use social media to bypass the need to wait on the “whims of a publisher.” For instance, I decided I wasn’t going to let ANYONE tell me my stuff was good or bad, so instead I created my blog this year and have created my own following. They will most likely buy a book if I write it… thus the reward is in the effort.

    All the best,

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