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Fostering a Love of Romance

I have always been drawn to romance.  Everything with a romantic element captured my attention:  movies, photographs, stories, the list goes on and on.  A quintessential Hopeless Romantic, beginning at the sweet age of seven watching Cinderella, and probably lasting until the day I die.

It wasn’t until I became addicted to romance novels that I truly found myself wanting to write one.   During the last month of my husband’s first deployment, I began reading them frequently.   I mean devouring four paperbacks a week.  This continued for the entire year.  When my husband banned me from eBay, Amazon, and the local bookstores, I was forced to obtain a library card and stalk their selection for new prey, I mean material.  Being new to the wonderful world of the romance genre, I picked up a variety of books by numerous authors.  I found five authors whose works became permanent fixtures on my bookshelf.  They became my motivation, my inspiration, and my heroes:  Nina Bangs, Julia Quinn, Jo Beverley, Teresa Medeiros, and Tara Janzen.

Nina gave me humor and paranormal combined with wonderful, likeable characters and cat with a penchant for gluttony and cosmic troublemaking.

Julia gave me my Regency fix with a twist of wit and wonder, while making me fall in love with her characters.  The Bridgertons are still my favorite Regency family.  Are they adopting?

Jo provided varying historicals that entranced me, pulling me into the character’s world.  Something Wicked still holds a very dear place in my heart.

Teresa’s stories always gave me a new setting with each new book, introducing me to heroines I admired and heroes I just wanted to lock away for myself.  I loved them all!

Tara, oh Tara.  She opened my eyes to the world of sexy bad boys, black ops agents.  Every book was filled with action, suspense, and sizzling hot romance.  *Sigh* Christian Hawkins will always Crazy Cool and make me Crazy Hot.

The more I read, the more I wanted to write.  I had found my calling.

So I joined a writer’s group that met at the local Borders Books (RIP).  I have never been a fan of sharing my work for critique, but I knew that in order to grow as a writer I needed some honest input.  That is where I met some of my most valuable and wonderful writing friends.  They gave me the push and the resources I needed to pursue my love of writing and improve my craft.  My work blossomed from their input.

Then an amazing opportunity presented itself.  A contest for aspiring romance authors to write a short story for RomanticShorts.com.  I wrote, and then polished, every night for four weeks to create What the Darkness Proposes, my very first short story.

Now, I am polishing my first novella, readying it for submission.

Copyright Kirsten Blacketer All Rights Reserved

Copyright Kirsten Blacketer All Rights Reserved

And I feel like a butterfly spreading her wings, getting ready to take flight for the first time.

3 thoughts on “Fostering a Love of Romance

  1. Thank you Matthew! Thank you Tara! While Christian does creep into my creative process frequently, he wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for you and the Steele Street gang!

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