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Plot Bunnies Run too Damn Fast

Now that my edits are done and my story submitted.  Yikes!  I am free to work on a new project.  There are two that I had set aside to work on my novel.  They began as writing prompt journal entries.  Now their characters entice me, sucking me into their world.  And….and…..

I’m lost for a plot.  I have characters, and sexual tension.  But alas, those plot bunnies are too smart for me.  They keep darting off and jumping into holes before I can even catch a glimpse of their fluffy cotton tails.  I want to give the characters a story in which they can evolve and grow.  It is important to have a good plot with plenty of conflict to shake things up.  Ah, see there is my problem…

In my everyday life, I avoid conflict like my kids avoid brussel sprouts.  But conflict is necessary to propel the growth of the characters in the story.  It’s a necessity!

So what do I do?  How do I find plot and conflict to create the friction needed for a good healthy story?

Dare I look online to find some inspiration?  The internet can be a writer’s best friend, and worst enemy.   A quicksand pit waiting to suck me in with no chance of resurfacing.

I’m struggling here, trying to figure out where to dig up some ideas to cook a good plot then add a healthy dose of conflict.


So I want to know, how do you chase down your plot bunnies?

One thought on “Plot Bunnies Run too Damn Fast

  1. Oooo, this happens to me ALL the time. Have you gone back and written a “biography” for each character? I’ve found that sometimes making up all of the past events that made the characters who they are today leads to something more plot-like that I can work with.

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