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Inquiring Minds: What time of day to you write best?


Robyn LaRue:

I’m a night writer whenever possible.  After dinner, I take time to go over my notes and, if I didn’t work, I would write until 2 a.m.  I think it’s because I get my second wind about then (as a natural night owl).

Amanda Headlee:

Starting at about 8:00 pm, right around twilight and into the night, I write my best.  I know it is cliché as an author of the macabre, but writing is my “woosah”.  It helps me to unwind from the stress of the day.  Writing at night also helps to stoke the flames and bring my nightmares to a boil so that I have new material to work with.  I love working on a terrifying scene within a story while sitting next to the windows with the curtains open.  It gives me a thrill when it is dark out and I cannot see out into my yard.  I begin to imagine that my monsters are taking shape out there.  Just out of my line of sight.

Hannah Scott:

I love to write two or three hours after I get up and start my day, and before I go to bed.  My most creative stuff is usually morning, but my word count rises best in the evening.  However, I’ll write whenever I can get a span of uninterrupted time, which is rare enough.

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