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The Balance of Passion

As humans, we cannot live our lives with out passion. It is what gives our soul purpose and meaning for existing. What is the point of living if you have nothing in your life to live for? My life’s passion is writing – be it technical or creative. I eat, live, and breathe writing all day, everyday. Though lately, one area of writing, which I am very zealous about, is overtaking the other. And I am struggling to find the balance to give each equal attention.

A main requirement of my career is Technical Writing. I love the intellectual high that comes from him: defining processes and procedures, scripting system functionality, conducting software testing, detailing regulatory compliances. Whew!  He makes me all hot and bothered, keeps me on my toes. The structure of Technical Writing is so precise and organized that I find he compliments the obsessive side of my psyche perfectly. Yet, he does not wholly complete me. Technical Writing does not give me the satisfaction of imagination and relaxation that I crave.

Creative Writing is my woo-sah. Though both Writings come to me naturally, with Creative Writing the words seem to flow more fluidly. He is tantalizing, forcing my imagination to go to places where it has never gone before. His presence is Zen, calming my soul from the chaos of the world. He evokes me to fly and fall into another reality. Creative is where I can escape from the daily stresses of life.

But as I said earlier, the balance between my two Writing passions is in a bit of disarray, and I do not know how to find and maintain the balance between the two. When I separate myself from my career to grant a couple hours to thinking creatively, I find myself not being able to turn my brain away from obsessing over Technical. I continually think about the functional specifications or SOPs that need to be written. Sometimes a panic attack ensues when I am away from Technical for more than a few minutes. Creative Writing is becoming extremely jealous that I give Technical Writing more attention. Creative’s friends, his novel characters, spit and curse at me. They chant the phrases like two-timer and cheater. He sends his plots shooting through my mind like a bullet ricocheting of metal walls, trying desperately to pierce my attention and heart. Yet, his attempts are in vain. I cannot seem to find the words to tell Technical Writing that I need to devote some time to my other love.

So to those out there who are torn between two passions of writing, how do you find a happy balance between them?

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