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Very Bad Days and Writing

file0001721418248Yesterday was a horrid day.  Truly.  The marriage of one child ended in the early evening with me offering a shoulder to each.   The other child was in a serious car accident a short time later (she’ll be fine in a week or two; car totaled).  And my job stops for no woman.

The last thing on my mind was keeping my writing goal for the day.  Still, a few pages in my journal were all I needed to segue into a short story mocking the day’s events.

I did not keep my writing goal for my WiP, but I did keep it.  Ultimately, the writing is what calmed my nerves, quieted the emotion, and let me fall asleep. (And a little kahlua never hurts.)

It’s a reminder that I am a writer first and foremost, in all things, every day.  Outside of my husband and our moms, my writers group gave me the most solace and courage.   They also joked with me about yesterday ending up in a novel one day.  I’m sure it will.

Tomorrow, I’ll need to catch up the word count for the WiP.  Tonight, I will sit in contemplation of two lives changing and gratitude for a life not lost.

Tonight, I have a date with my journal.  Tomorrow, I’ll be back on track.

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