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Warning Labels

I ran across something on Pinterest the other day that stuck with me. Here it is:

And of course I got to thinking (because I’m always thinking). What would my warning label say? I’d probably need to come with a booklet, because one label wouldn’t be enough:

  • Fiercely loyal spouse
  • Rabidly protective mother and grandmother
  • Non-functioning before coffee
  • Prays daily (if you get why this is a warning, let me know!)
  • Cranky when hungry & tired
  • Irritable if you disrupt writing.

But I think the biggest warning label I’d wear is this: I am a writer. I see the world differently. I experience the world differently. I don’t think like you do. I don’t feel like you do. I will never be normal. Creative people can be hard to understand or live with, but we’re worth it.  Stop trying to make me conform. Nurturing the creative me is the most loving thing you could ever do.

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