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Twitter Holds Free Mini-Seminars Daily

Twitter Mini-SeminarsOnce I let go of shyness and started talking to people on Twitter, I’ve learned all sorts of wonderful things.  However, Twitter isn’t just platform-building social fun.  Twitter is also a great source of free “seminars” and writing groups.  If you have not yet experienced a Tweet Chat, consider finding a few that interest you.

While my focus is narrow, these are the chats in which I participate (and can therefore recommend):

  • Mondays: #writersroad at 9 p.m. Eastern Time.  General writing topics. Follow co-moderator @HeatherMcCorkle.
  • Tuesdays: #writestuff at  9 p.m. Eastern Time.  General writing topics with links to resources. Follow @penpaperpad.
  • Wednesdays: #sffwrtcht (Science Fiction Fantasy Writer Chat, follow @sffwrtcht) at 9 p.m. Eastern Time.  Authors and publishing professionals participate in Q&A.  #genrechat at 9 p.m. Eastern, focuses on science fiction, fantasy, horror. Follow @genreundergroun.
  • Fridays: #writeclub runs practically all day (missing six hours of the 24).  These are word sprints with a great bunch of writers (with a little friendly competition between Australia, UK and USA writers).  Follow @FriNightWrites.  Word sprints happen all week whenever two or more want to go.  The Sprint Shack also runs throughout the week with @TheSprintShack.
  • Sundays:  #fantasychat starts at 8 pm Eastern Time with questions from the moderator and answers/discussion from participants. Moderators are @WarrenCBennett and @MarilynMuniz.  #blogchat begins at 9 Eastern and focuses on aspects of blogging, follow @MackCollier.  #nostalgiachat starts at 10 p.m. Eastern Time and also formatted in questions from the moderator and answers/discussion from participants.  Topics vary by week. Follow @bekiweki

Nurph and Tweetchat make things faster and easier to read (and add the chat hash tag for you).  Tweetdeck allows you to create a column for the chat if you prefer that method.  I don’t have experience with HootSuite, so I’m hoping someone will add to this in the comments.  If you have any questions, feel free to send me a tweet @TheWritingHabit or post here.

Basic etiquette for twitter chats:

  • Sit in on the first session or two to get familiar with the discussion format and tone, but
  • don’t be shy about answering questions (whether general or Q&A)  Always add the hash tag to your tweets so other participants can see them.
  • Compliment where appropriate, encourage where you can, and commiserate when warranted.
  • Be a polite guest and be yourself.  Follow other chatters who interest you.
  • It’s nice to thank the moderator or guest at the end as well.
  • Sample anything that looks interesting and enjoy!

Are you a Twitter Chatter?  Which chats do you find the most helpful and/or the most fun?    New to Twitter Chats?  What do you think of trying one?  Would there be interest in a Sarcastic Muse chat?

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