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ASK EM — Effing Reviews

Today I must share this blog post with you. My friend Em Petrova has addressed something that many authors dread. Reviews. She offers some great tips to help battle “bad-review-itis”, and of course it comes with a great video at the end of Celebs reading mean tweets about themselves. Thankfully authors don’t have to read bad reviews about their books aloud and in front of a camera. 🙂 Enjoy and feel free to leave a comment when you’re done. Writers United. Have a great Tuesday! ~ Kirsten

Hardworking Heroes

Keyboard with Tips and Tricks Button.

I’m going to say it.


All writers know this. Some pretend they love to get reviews, but what happens when they get a bad one? I’ll tell you what happens.

We glare at the screen, wishing we had laser vision to melt away the review. We get pissed and look up the reviewer to compare our review to other ones she’s written. Then we start screaming. We flip out for no less than 5 minutes, at which point we:

1. frantically email a friend asking for validation about our writing

2. have a crying breakdown

3. question everything we’ve ever written and just why the fuck are we writing, anyway, if someone thinks the million hours we spent writing is worth 2 stars?

4. Respond to the review with a snarky reply (which should never be done, BTW. Write it, but erase it immediately!)

5. Stare blankly at…

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