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The Contradictory Writer’s Mind

The Contradictory Writer's Mind - HumorThis conversation may or may not have actually happened…

Friend:  How goes the publishing process?

Writer: Nerve-wracking!

Friend: Why?

Writer:  I’m afraid people will read my book.

Friend:  But that’s good, right?

Writer.  No.  It’s bad.  What if they don’t like it?

Friend:  Well, don’t publish then.  That’s okay.

Writer:  That’s not okay!  I want people to read it.

Friend:  But you just said–

Writer:  Oh!  What if I publish it but no one reads it?  Is that worse than not liking it?

Friend:  Well, I–

Writer  Surely someone will read it.

Friend:  I’m sure they will like–

Writer:  But then what if they don’t like it?

Friend.  I’m confused.

Writer:  Why?  I’ll publish and people will like the book.

Friend:  Glad to hear it.

Writer:  So how’s your day been?

Friend:  Nerve-wracking…

4 thoughts on “The Contradictory Writer’s Mind

  1. I think I have this conversation with one of my writer friends at least once a week. Present company not included. *wink* I get moments like this too. But what if they hate it…? Ugh, the complexities of a writer’s mind. *hugs*

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