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5 thoughts on “Organizational Skills for Writers

  1. Thanks, Robyn. Sadly, I’m a “pantster” writer, rather a “plotter” and have tried this very method. It DOES work, and I should do it more. Though sometimes, I get stuck there, too, so I start back at the front, then work back and forth (meeting myself in the middle). What are your thoughts on writing backwards?

  2. I’m a panster who doesn’t plot until the first 1/3 is done and the last 1/4 are worked out in my head. Then I plot as much as I have to. I almost always know at least the mood or feel of the ending, so writing backwards wouldn’t surprise me at all. 🙂

  3. Yea, birds of feather. Cheers to us all who writer, no matter what wacky ways we do it. I like you, Robyn LaRue and am so glad I found The Sarcastic Muse!

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