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Want More Comments? Start Here.

I’m not one to pick fights or stir up trouble.  In fact, I’m about as non-confrontational as a girl can get.  However, I’ve borrowed a soap box and I’m about to climb up on it.

Comments on blog posts seem to be a rare thing these days as likes and tweets take their place.  I still like to comment.  I like to add to the conversation or tell the blogger how much I loved their post.  I have about two dozen blogs on my reader that just inspire me to comment.

Problem is, they are blogger blogs.

Blogger makes comments harder.

I have a day job that is actually more a 24/7 job, and our email is Google based.  Can’t comment using my work Google account (or use my own since it shuts down Google Voice and Google Drive if I log out).  I’m not on LiveJournal, TypePad, AIM, and OpenID is pretty useless since they want to use your Google account as well.  I do have a WordPress blog, but I’ve also graduated to a self-hosted website, and would like to direct people there (or even here, but, unfortunately, it just points to the old Robyn LaRue on WordPress.

As a result, I either have to leave those tabs open until after 10 pm (prime writing time) or not comment.  Sadly, it is often the latter.  If you have a blogger blog and noticed I don’t comment any more since my website launched, I offer my sincere apologies.  I miss it, too.

I get almost giddy if I’m on a BlogSpot blog because they have an added little option:

blogspot is easier to comment

See that nifty Name/URL option?  That I can use!  It directs properly, easy-breezy.

We all have a platform we love, and I’m certainly not going to ask someone to change a platform just because I love their blog and like to comment there.  Comments should be easy (don’t ask me about Captcha. Hate it.  Don’t have computer glasses.  But at least I can cycle through until I find something I can read.  One site I go to has a really cool check box.  “check here if you are not a bot.”  Check, done, comment up.  LiveJournal also allows you to comment using your Twitter account, though I’ve had it fail on occasion.

This is why I stay with WordPress as the platform even on my own site.  No Captcha, No bots (Akismet kicks them), and a profile I can use.  Again, I’m not expecting people to change over, I’m just saying if you like to get comments on your posts, take a look at the hoops visitors must jump through to leave one.

And please, if you EVER have difficulty commenting here or at RobynLaRue.com, tell me right away and I will fix it.

The owner of my borrowed soapbox wants it back.  Just one more thing.  When you find a post or blog that you love, leave comments when you can.  Tweets and likes are awesome and I love them, but nothing beats conversation in the comments.

8 thoughts on “Want More Comments? Start Here.

  1. Tell me about it. I do try to leave comments on the blogger blogs though. They need lovin’ too 😉 The hoops are discouraging though.

  2. Amen, Amen, Amen. That’s how I found you, Robyn. You made some comment on WriterUnboxed that I liked (which, I don’t recall what you said), so I followed you to here. The name “The Sarcastic Muse” made me laugh out loud and I knew I’d found a kindred spirit. 🙂

      • Thanks, Robyn. I hope to have my website “live” by the end of April (!), when I do, I hope that you and all the other ladies from the Sarcastic Muse stop by. xo

  3. I read so many political blogs that I often don’t have the time or energy to leave the kind of feedback that I feel such posts deserve. But I do agree, and I try to comment on posts that are more personal or creative and less heavy-discussion based. It’s lovely to interact and it’s the best way to engage with the writer. This was a great, succinct post.

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