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6 thoughts on “Each Novel Teaches New Things

  1. SO TRUE, Robyn! I don’t totally understand my novels until 350+ pages later when I type, “The End.” Great quote.

  2. I’d give a lot for every novel to come out in chronological order, all neat and tidy. Twice I’ve written that way. Every other time it’s been a hot mess of scenes that need to be ordered and put together. I could adjust if the hot mess was the same each time, but . . . every novel is different.

  3. I love writing but my biggest problem is how to wrap up the story ,because it has many characters and it’s not a fictional but true story. In the end I plan to make a full disclosure of all main characters,it will be a total mess . Main characters are related to me and also it contains some government organizations(dangerous). Will you advise me how to keep my identity a secret ? Please I desperately need your advise

    • Tana, why don’t you send us an email (thesarcasticmuse [at] gmail.com) so we can chat without putting your book elements in a public forum?

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