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Writing After Absences

Disclaimer: what follows is a transcript of the video footage recovered from the scene of the, now infamous, SarMus Tower fire, [Location redacted]. It contains references to deadly viruses and should not be read by those of a gullible disposition.


SUBJECT ALPHA: [COUGHS] Woo hoo! Freedom! Get a load of that fresh…erm…smoke. [DEEP BREATH. MORE COUGHING]. Is this thing on? Great. Told you I’d break out of there, Amanda. No prison can hold me. I told you I didn’t have Ebola, nor did I catch Zombie; it was only a cold.

Well, I’ve been away. A small break as it were but now I’m back and fighting strong… braaaaaaains… Stop that! I’ve been having these cravings but I’m sure it’s nothing.


If, like me, you find that a break from writing has an impact on your creative processes, you’ll know how difficult it is to get back in the swing of things. Finding your rhythm can be tough so I thought we could look at ways to get your writing back on track following an incarceration…I mean, break.

1. Freewriting

Some people love it, others hate it but the best way of getting back into writing is to just write. Give yourself permission to write junk but write anyway. All you’re trying to do is get back into the habit.

2. Use prompts

Writing prompts are an excellent way to ease you back into using your wonder noodle… braaaaaains… I said stop it. I use them all the time for sparking the few cells I still have left. There are some excellent resources on the net that will provide you with endless writing prompts. Even SM has a tumblr page which doles out a daily prompt. [COUGHS] Shameless plug [COUGHS]…here.

3. Re-read what you have

This is great if you’ve taken a break in the middle of a project and need a way to get started again. Reading back through what you’ve already written (along with any notes), will remind you of where you are and also point you in the direction of progress (or off on a wild tangent). This has the added benefit of preparing your mind for writing.

4. Baby steps

We’ve all heard that saying about running before you can walk and the same is true for writing. If the break has disrupted your routine significantly, maybe you should ease yourself back in. Write flash fiction instead of short stories, write shorts instead of your novella, write… you get the idea.

5. Try something a little different

Do you usually write short stories? Why not try writing a movie script? Only write fiction? How about trying your hand at travel writing? Often when we try something different, we find that new ideas begin to gel and form and it isn’t long before we get back to doing what we love most… Braaaaaains… oh for Fu–



How do y’all get back into the write (see what I did there?) frame of mind after a prolonged absence from writing?

5 thoughts on “Writing After Absences

  1. I whine a lot, come up with new things to write about even though i haven’t finished the dozen things i already have on the go and eventually settle down grumbling with a notebooked and pen (usually bought for the occasion even though i already have a trillion of them already).

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