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Sometimes Humorous Elements of the Writing Life

Humorous Elements of a Writer's LifeNo one understands a writer like another writer. This fact has led to numerous interesting . . . um . . . experiences with non-writer friends and family. This list (in no particular order) is far from complete. In fact, we invite you to continue adding to the list in the comments. We are writers here. If we can’t laugh with each other, we’re all in missing out, right?

1.  Most writers never quite agree when told a piece is good. All we can see are the flaws and weaknesses. We desire to be told it is good, but don’t fully believe it. And we argue about it.

2.  People avoid your writing space for weeks, but the day you decide to tackle the sex scene, every family member wanders by to look over your shoulder and ask what you’re writing.

3.  Characters have no manners. They start talking during meetings, at dinner, and any other inopportune moment they can find.

4.  Most loved ones never get used to you suddenly staring off into space, unresponsive to their presence. You’d think, as often as it happens, they’d eventually adjust, right?

5.  No one outside of other writers understands the emotional impact of putting a favorite character through the wringer or having a character die. Efforts to explain go nowhere.

6.  Some writers take on characteristics of their main character while in draft. Now that makes for some interesting exchanges with family and friends.

7.  Writers are more likely to develop an ulcer from caffeine consumption than a deadline. We’d just rather blame the deadline for the caffeine.

8.  Friends want to celebrate when we finish a draft. We’d rather hole up with a bottle of wine and mourn.

9.  As soon as you begin writing the middle of a novel, you’ll get half a dozen much more interesting ideas for new stories. It never fails.

10. Nothing induces panic in a writer like words going fallow. We’re afraid the words won’t come back, even when we know they always do.

11. Few of us escape the embarrassment of being caught acting out dialog for both characters. Out loud.

12. No loved one is quite prepared for a writer’s reaction when they are interrupted and pulled out of flow. For that matter, neither are most writers.

13. People in a writer’s life don’t understand why we complain about doing something we profess to love unless they are also a writer.

14. Only a writer can go to the mall and call it observational research.

15. Writers are best paired with non-jealous significant others. More than one writer has muttered the name of the hero or heroine in their sleep.

16. Most writers are clearly not quite normal. Gossip is writing fodder. So are the doings of everyone we know. No one in a writer’s life knows how a bit of them will come out on the page, but it’s a safe bet they’ll eventually find out.


Your turn. Add to the list and keep it going.

5 thoughts on “Sometimes Humorous Elements of the Writing Life

  1. You have really created quite a well-rounded list with a few quirks that I had never realized I owned until reading it 😉 I don’t know if this fits in, but I have experienced this on several different occasions:

    When naming our characters, we try the very hardest to come up with a name that is not the same as someone we already know for fear of them thinking the story is about them.

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