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Wherein the Author Apologises and Discusses Musical Influences

I’m here! I’m here! You wouldn’t believe the week I’ve had.

I’m so sorry, I didn’t post last week. It was a good one too about the guaranteed way to write a bestseller, but the internet ate it and my ISP went down and…

Muses…?Muses…? Oh, must be out. Never mind. Look at the state of this place….

What’s this?

“Dear Chris, owing to your failure to post last week and the severe breach of your contract here at SarMus Enterprises [Enterprises? When did that change?], the decision has been taken by the management to exclude you from the Christmas trip (no Disneyland for you, young man). We expect you to be more punctual with your future submissions. Regards, Michelle, Amanda, and Robyn.

P.S. We expect this place to be tidy when we return.

P.P.S. The demons have gotten loose again and into the chocolate. Good Luck. Amanda”


No matter. A little bit of writing first and then cleaning. Where’s that Rammstein CD?

I have a little ritual when I write. It’s one I’ve done for a while and it helps me focus on what I’m doing. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll write anywhere but I definitely do my best work sat at my desk and when I sit there, the ritual comes into play. First comes the laptop, plugged in and set up centre-stage (wifi disabled of course – although no need for that of recent…); a mug of coffee on the right, my notes from the day on the left. Then, there’s the music: loud, random playlists blaring though noise cancelling headphones.

I’m a big fan of music. I know that’s a very vague statement but it’s for a good reason: I have no musical preference. Most people have some favourite genre, be it pop, R&B, or hardcore trance with floor-shaking bass. But for me, a typical playlist can include anything from heavy metal and punk to acoustic classical and Opera (as I’m writing this, I’m listening to Irish folk music) and it’s got me thinking about how much music influences writing.

I can account for hundreds of times when music lyrics, and even music videos, have sparked story ideas. Fast-paced, action-packed scenes are certainly easier to write when listening to songs with a heavier beat; ditto with romantic scenes when love songs are playing. When I struggle with pacing, sometimes changing the track I have playing, to one with a more appropriate beat, significantly assists and the words flow smoother.

Part of my novel involves a scene between my main character and his wife. It’s important to the narrative and is intended to be very moving. I must have written nearly twenty drafts; none of which I was happy with. In the end, a coincidental track change led to a redraft that not only captured what I wanted from the scene but perfectly summed up his feelings.

 What are your thoughts on this? Does music have influence what you’re writing?

Incidentally, the coincidental track I was referring to was ‘How long will I Love you’ by Elle Goulding (copyright Polydor Records) and I’ve attached it below for those interested.


4 thoughts on “Wherein the Author Apologises and Discusses Musical Influences

  1. One of my favorite blog posts (that I’ve written) was influenced by a song. Music often inspires a thought or an idea. It’s good to see it’s not just me. Now, I think you have some cleaning to do.

  2. Oh yes, all the time. Sometimes when I’m having difficulty writing, I turn on Pandora (a free radio station online) then I can write. When I hear certain songs, scenes pop into my head. Music is wonderful!

  3. Okay that does it. I’m bringing back Song Lyric Story Saturday.

    I personally can’t listen to music and write. Music is as great a love of mine as writing is and I also have eclectic taste. My problem is I also love, love, LOVE singing. I can’t write and sing at the same time (I end up typing the lyrics)and I can rarely listen to music without singing along.

    Basically i am just a glorified audio typist. I type up the stories that the voices in my head tell me.

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