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New Downloads for You

We are rather discombobulated at the moment here at Muse Towers. Amanda was in the air yesterday and Michelle is on the road today. I’ve been scattered every which way preparing to host the first Muse Summit here in Dallas and Chris, smart man that he is, is hiding somewhere so I can’t hand him a list of chores.

Here’s what’s been recently added:

For those interested in the writing tracker I talked about here, I posted it on the Resources page  for download on New Year’s Day.

Free ebooks 365 Writing Prompts and 365 Journal Prompts

All of this behind-the-scenes stuff that has given little time for posts is good for the future of The Sarcastic Muse. We have a few goals this year–resolutions, if you will–and are meeting face to face to work on them. Project Management for Authors is in what we hope are the final stages. Updating the website is in the works. 365 Writing Prompts and 365 Journal Prompts are doing well and we sincerely hope they are helpful to everyone. We’re whispering the P word amongst ourselves (podcast) and generally doing what needs to be done to encourage The Sarcastic Muse to grow in quality and usefulness to writers.

We will return to regular posting in the next week or two. We’re ready to embrace 2015 and bring you insight, advice, and tips for writing.

6 thoughts on “New Downloads for You

  1. I miss everyone at The Sarcastic Muse and can’t wait for more of your posts filled with encouragement, motivation, and practical advice. But, I will gladly wait longer 😉 I have not immersed myself in the writing prompts yet, but I have been using the journal prompts daily since New Year’s Day. In one word, stellar! Thank you 🙂

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