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Finding Inspiration at the Muse Summit

The other day at the Muse Summit (is that the name we’re sticking to guys?), Robyn had the idea toFinding Inspiration at the Muse Summit drag us to Half Price Books. Keep in mind that I live in Estonia. I’d almost forgotten what going into a bookstore was like: rows and rows of shiny books, the smell of paper, the fun of sitting on the floor to read.

These days I read the majority of novels via my iPad (because of the aforementioned lack-of-bookstore issue), and so it’s easy, in a way, to forget how nice it is to hold the real deal in my hands. But also, my going into a bookstore, being surrounded by all those physical copies of other authors’ work, and discovering new gems in the mine of shelves was a reminder: I one day want to see my name there, too.

Writers find their inspiration from a variety of places. And often I find mine by observing success—by seeing that other people have walked my path and, with a little luck and a lot of hard work, managed to transform their goals into reality. Other people’s success often reminds me that success is in my own hands–and that I’m fully capable of achieving it.

Generally speaking, I’m not the Muse who talks about inspiration and goal-setting—this is Robyn’s territory—but even I need to be reminded once in a while of where I’m going with this whole writing gig. I don’t have “big” dreams as others do, not really. I write because I write, and I don’t expect to make money from it. But I do like having a physical copy of my work in my hand: it feels real, then.

How we define success—at least in our writing lives—will depend on how we approach those goals and what we want from them. Only then can we figure out how to achieve them. I want my name in print. I want to see it on a shelf one day.

That’s a start.

I can always count on my Muses to give me reasons to keep trying. Seeing them was a blast. So I guess you could say that Muse Summit was one of many successes in itself.

Anyway, I apologize I’ve been absent lately. Expect my editing posts to resume next month at some point.

And finally . . . FREE writing inspiration! . . . (drum roll please)

Marcy McKay (our Honorary Muse) is holding a 10-day Writing Challenge, starting Monday. All I can really say is that if you don’t know Marcy, you’re missing out. You can see the details about the challenge here: http://mudpiewriting.com/creative-monsters-details/

What inspires you to work harder? What are your goals for your writing?


8 thoughts on “Finding Inspiration at the Muse Summit

  1. Great to see you back Michelle, and Happy New Year! I love your statement – I write because I write. It’s so simple, yet so deep. And if I may steal that phrase for my own use, I would say that I write for the same reason. Would I like to see my name in print? Well, yeah. Would I like to make a living by seeing my name in print? Well, sure.

    But, in the end, I write because it keeps me alive. It keeps me thinking, questioning, imagining – living. What inspires me to work harder? The chance that I will touch just one individual with a piece of my writing in the same way I have been moved by others in the past.

    Great post filled with a healthy dose of inspiration – both in your words and the link to Marcy’s site, thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Thank you! Happy New Year to you too! Hope it’s been an inspirational start for you.

      Exactly. I can’t not write — so all the stuff that comes from my writing is just extra. Not unwanted extra, for sure. But still, even if I never published another piece ever again, I would still write, regardless.

      I think that’s a great goal to have: to inspire people. And I’m certain that you’ve achieved it more than once. 🙂

  2. I don’t allow myself to go into bookstores–especially Half Price Books, even though there’s one just a few blocks away–because we live in a smallish house and our bookcases are already full. Given the state of my life, my goals are quite modest: to get in some more writing today. And my goal tomorrow will be the same.

    Glad to have you back on your native soil, even temporarily, and I look forward to your editing insights sometime soon. Meantime, good luck with your academic work. :~)

    • I typically don’t either for similar reasons. At this point, with my future in Estonia in the air, I may end up having to put all my stuff on a ship and sail it home . . . because I certainly can’t afford to fly it all. Amanda had an “I’ll only buy one book” policy, which she quickly forfeited upon entering the store. We ended up making a trip to the post office so she could mail books home.

      And I think that’s an excellent goal to have: to write. Modest goals are still goals, and they are more than attainable. I definitely wish you writing success: even if your only goal is just to put words on the page.

      Thank you. The journey is almost over. Sort of. 🙂

    • That’s an excellent question. I’ll see if the other Muses know. Marcy often comments, too, so she may see your comment and be able to answer straightaway. Anyway, I’ll see what I can find out. 🙂

  3. I’m SO happy the Muse Summit was a smashing success. Good deal.

    And, OMG, when I saw my name. I had to reread the sentence, certain that my mind had it wrong. HA! Looking for a FUN Creative Monsters Challenge! Thank you for being my editor extraordinaire!

    • Ah!!! Sorry I posted the pdf of Creative Monsters. The link was given to me, so I figured it was up already!

      M.A. above asked about how to sign up for the 10-Day Challenge. Is there a specific link or something?

      And always a pleasure! 🙂

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