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TSM’s Weekly Recommendations: Articles, Videos, and Other Resources on Writing

TSM Recommends: Podcasts for WritersI was supposed to start these recommendation posts some weeks ago, but December ended up being the Muse Month of Hell, and so I put the project to the side. But now that we’ve more or less got our ducks in a nice, semi-chaotic row, I feel it’s time to get back to business.

Each week the Muses read, watch, and listen to a vast amount of articles, YouTube videos, and podcasts. Sometimes we come across things we think are worth sharing with you guys. So each weekend I will attempt to put together the Muse suggestions of the week and post them.

Note: The selections for this week weren’t necessarily written this week.

Blog posts, articles, resource suggestions:

The YA Muses (we’re apparently not the only ones who call ourselves the Muses) wrote a comprehensive list of things to take into consideration when worldbuilding a few years ago. You can find it here: http://yamuses.blogspot.com/2011/12/world-building-checklist.html

Lisa Voisin wrote an article a couple years ago about writing fight scenes, which I thought made some pertinent points. Definitely check it out if you write stories that involve any hand-to-hand combat or warfare: https://lisavoisin.wordpress.com/2012/10/05/fiction-friday-8-things-writers-forget-when-writing-fight-scenes/

Marcy McKay recently wrote a post titled “Trusting your Writer’s Intuition.” Intuition is arguably the number one resource we as writers have at our disposal. Learning to trust it is essential. Read the post here: http://mudpiewriting.com/intuition/

Looking to connect with other writers or find more information on the current writing, publishing, and editing world? The Write Life has compiled a list of the best 100 websites for writers: http://thewritelife.com/100-best-websites-for-writers-2015/#f2sStE:nJD

Dani Shapiro talks about how living our daily life (and all its positives and negatives) feeds our creative needs by providing experience we can use in our artistic lives. Read more “On Art and Life”: http://danishapiro.com/on-art-and-life/

This article discusses why writing in general is good for us psychologically: http://psychcentral.com/blog/archives/2015/01/19/the-power-of-writing-3-types-of-therapeutic-writing/

Short Stories

If you’re looking for a dose of fiction and if, like me, you like trains and the speculative, then I’d recommend this short story by Finnish author Pasi Ilmari Jääskeläinen at TOR.com: “Where the Trains Turn.”

Also, the online fantasy magazine I edit for recently (last month) published a new volume of short stories. They’re free to read, so check out Issue #4 at Fantasy Scroll Magazine.


And here is a TED talk on how to build your creative confidence:

Did you find any of these useful? What kind of posts/videos/podcasts do you look for?


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