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Writer Tip from Shawn Coyne

I am totally taking advantage while the other Muses are busy to bring you a great little tip I heard on Joanna Penn’s podcast interview with Shawn Coyne.

Mr. Coyne suggested that you have a signal to your brain for when you switch from writer to editor by changing rooms, changing shirts, or putting on/taking off a hat.

The editor needs to stay out of the draft process or we just end up with a sticky mess. But sometimes the editor sneaks in uninvited and sometimes we stay in draft mode longer than we should. A hard, visible, tactile signal makes sense to me. I could put on my ball cap or a cardigan to show my brain what mode it should be in, or continue to draft at my desk and edit on the couch.

Joanna and Shawn also talked about polarity shifts in individual scenes, which is an awesome topic.  The link is to the Youtube version of her podcast. Listen to it while you are scrounging in your closet for the perfect editor shirt or hat.

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