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8 thoughts on “Let’s Make Some Trouble!

  1. Thank you! 😀

    One of my colleagues at work who reads my stuff says she can’t understand why I rarely write about ‘happy things.’ Well, who would read them? Conflict creates interest. I don’t write church bulletins.

    • I just finished a novel that was so good at conflict I read it in one sitting and ached for the characters. I love that line “I don’t write church bulletins.” Amen!

  2. I’ve always been one to write about sunshine, daisies, and unicorns. Sure, I throw some “conflict” into the equation, but it is usually minimal friction that is easily resolved. That has changed in my most recent work in progress. Included in it are pistols, vigilantes, and biological weapons – that’s a big leap for me. What do they say, write in a way that scares you a little bit? I am definitely in that place right now 😉

  3. I was trying to explain this concept to a new writer who doesn’t want to “hurt her characters.” I said, “Who do WE relate to most? Perfect people? No. We connect to flawed people, both on and off the page. I’m forwarding this to her.” 🙂

    • Tell her to think of it as building their character. 🙂 What doesn’t kill them makes them stronger, right?

  4. I’ve read some poetry that is all about beautiful things and is lovely to read but yes, there’s always conflict in life. Lovely quote, thanks.

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