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Amy Tan: Where Does Creativity Hide?

The value of nothing: out of nothing comes something -Amy Tan

This week I wanted to share a video that is rather enlightening and I feel may stir up some intriguing discussions.   The video is of Amy Tan discussing where creativity hides and how it can be teased out into the open through nature, nurture, and, well, nightmares.



What are your thoughts on Amy’s TED Talk?  Where do you feel your creativity resides?  What is your creative process?

4 thoughts on “Amy Tan: Where Does Creativity Hide?

  1. That was very interesting Amanda. I’m left with the thought of how that would have gone with my dog in the bag – let’s just say it wouldn’t have been a pretty sight 🙂

  2. Amy is such an engaging and captivating speaker, thank you for sharing. I am what most would consider to be a TED junkie – in the best way possible. I have and will continue to watch many TED talks. But, with this one I couldn’t help but jot down notes when something inside just screamed to me.

    Speaking about creativity and your personal muse, you only know what it is because of its absence. It makes accepting and handling those less than inspiring moments in our lives so much more manageable. Being reminded that we can never try to hard because it just suffocates the creative mind, like attempting to rescue a drowning fish 😉

    Finally, the elements of randomness, chance, luck, and perhaps one of my favorite words in the English language – serendipity. Somehow, when we become aware of them, more of them seem to happen. Now, how is that for serendipity? 😉

    I really enjoyed this talk, Amanda – if you couldn’t already tell 😉 Thank you so much for sharing and may all the uncertainty, randomness, and accidents in our lives be transformed into creative entities that we are able to share with the world 🙂

    • I am also a TED junkie and this one had me jotting down a ton of notes as well!

      I really love what you say in your second paragraph. That is very true– truth is only uncovered in absence. Definitely something that I needed to hear at this moment in my life. I may have to quote you in a future Sarcastic Muse post, with your permission of course 😉

      Of all the words in the English language, I cannot believe you wrote “serendipity”. I have been hearing that word everyday since I made a new writer friend last October during my last writing retreat. How very serendipitous!

      You are so welcome for the post. And may all of your life experiences transform into beautiful creativity.

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