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Let’s get back to the writing basics!

As writers, we sometimes become so inundated by the craft that we lose sight of our writing process. When this digression occurs, it is time to shift focus and get back to the basics. The video below is a fun and quirky 13 minute refresher that covers the fundamental practices of writing along with brainstorming and project management. While the video’s topic is more focused on writing for blogs, the parameters extend far beyond that into all facets of writing, such as non-fiction, fiction, technical, business / marketing, and even programming.

Key basics:

  • Plan, Research, Write, Revise
  • Try not to underestimate how long tasks will take
  • Make sure all your T’s are crossed and I’s are dotted
  • Utilize your Betas (a.k.a. proofreaders)
  • Work hard and have fun!

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