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Writing A Novel is Like…

Writing is like . . .

Baking from a recipe in which the measurements and ingredients come only one at a time and you don’t know what you’re making.

Being lost; you’re not sure where you are but you know you’ll find your way home eventually.

A scavenger hunt. Just follow the clues.

Sinking into a bathtub with frequent temperature changes in the water.

The weather, with all its daily and seasonal changes.

Driving a bit fast on a dark, twisty road. With no headlights.

Writing a Novel is LikePutting together a big puzzle with no picture to guide you.

Having someone else feed you each bite of your favorite meal.

Stringing beads blindfolded and not seeing what you created until after you’re done.

A long conversation with a total stranger.

Waiting in line for hours for a ten-minute ride on an awesome roller coaster.

Waiting in the wings for your first public performance.

Navigating with a map full of holes.

The best sunrise after the longest night.


What is writing like for you?


5 thoughts on “Writing A Novel is Like…

  1. Writing is like diving very deep into the dark see without knowing what you’ll find at the sea bottom, but knowing that the most amazing life usually inhabits those grounds 🙂

  2. These are terrific, Robyn. This is why I named my blog Mudpie Writing since writing is delicious, but messy. I loved all the metaphors you gave. Thanks.

  3. For me writing cannot be define with a metaphor. In a twist of irony, writing words on a page, conveying emotion, is not describable by said words. It’s just magic, and you keep believing that a rabbit is coming out of your hat the next time you reach deep inside.

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