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Ladies and Gentlemen…

…Please be upstanding for the Presidential Muse’s speech.

Ladies and Gentlemen


My fellow muses. I am speaking to you now at the dawn of a new year, a great year — 2016. This is the year we will work hard to accomplish our goals. This is the year we will push ourselves to meet our deadlines. This is the year we will write.

We all have different experiences of the last twelve months. Some of you will have achieved greatness, and long may that continue. Many of us encountered difficulties, and to you I say that things will change.

With that, I am proud to unveil the latest weapon in anti-procrastination. They’ve been designed by our crack team of experts to suit your word tracking needs. My fellow muses, I give to you The Sarcastic Muse Writing Trackers…

TSM 2016 Writing Tracker – Single Sheet

TSM 2016 Writing Tracker – Month per Sheet

Thank you all and have a happy and productive 2016.


To celebrate the beginning of 2016, we invite you to download our free writing tracker in two formats. Take a look at both and use the one that best suits your needs.

TSM 2016 Writing Tracker – Single Sheet

TSM 2016 Writing Tracker – Month per Sheet

Stay tuned, folks. We’re bbaaaaccccckkkk!

13 thoughts on “Ladies and Gentlemen…

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  2. Wow, I was expecting a simple checkmark for each day of the year. There are probably so many metrics embedded in this offering, I am worried that I may procrastinate just to discover them all 😉 Much appreciation to each of the muses for all the time and dedication that went into producing this gem. Well done!

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