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David Bowie’s Legacy… and most treasured books

(c) pedrojperez

(c) pedrojperez

It is amazing how one spark of life can impact the lives millions. And when that spark disappears, humanity reacts in the most beautiful way–by honoring and remembering its existance.  This week the world lost one of the most brilliant and magical artists of all time. This week we said “until next time” to the Goblin King, to Ziggy Stardust, to the dream weaving David Bowie.

I think everybody who picks up a guitar or puts pen to paper has something in his system, in his self that he wants to express to others and have them understand… – David Bowie, Interview with Today, 1993

Most only know Bowie as a talented musician and actor. The pioneer of glam rock with his abstract style and non-conventional influences. What many don’t realize is that he was also an enigmatic writer and avid reader. He’s long contemplated writing for theater and was said to read up to a book a day.

One of the most facinating things I feel that Bowie left for us is his list of 100 “must read” books. The list spans a vast array of literary influences and genres, fictions and non-fictions, biographies and memiors. From Anthony Burgess to John Cage to Jack Kerouac, the vast list is as unique and diverse as Bowie himself.

David Bowie’s 100 recommended books: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/music/music-news/10347410/David-Bowie-reveals-his-favourite-100-books.html

A tale of a man who loved books: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/books/what-to-read/david-bowie-the-man-who-loved-books/

David Bowie lit up imaginations in once cold, dark minds. He brought us to worlds and dreams that many wish we could have conceived ourselves. Magic flowed around the world, sparked by his creative genius. They say that when you die, your soul joins the stars and shines brightly upon the Earth. David Bowie’s star is one that shines the brightest as his creativity and influence breathed a new life into the realm of art, music, and writing.

Shine on, you brilliant star. The world is forever changed because of your spark.

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