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Stay Limber

Yolen Quote TSM

Just like athletes, musicians, and performers, writing improves with practice. Often, writing improves ONLY with practice. Are you practicing? Are you cultivating a writing practice? If so, you have seen for yourself how keeping your writing muscle limber has improved your prose.

3 thoughts on “Stay Limber

    • Happy to be back 🙂 Most quote photos will be posted on my scheduled Saturdays, but I’ll throw in a few on Mondays, too.

  1. I absolutely agree with this. One of the unintentional benefits of the internet and social media is that it’s gotten many people who wouldn’t have been writing on a regular basis writing on a regular basis. We sometimes forget that text-messaging, posting to Facebook or Twitter or writing emails is writing, even if we usually don’t try to be lyrical or grammatically correct. Everything contributes to the writing muscles.


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