The Fallen Support

You know that good boy or girl who rebelled and went to the dark side?  The one special person who used to shine like the sun… then their soul suddenly turned black and never returned to the light.  Do you remember how you felt when that happened?   I bet you fell into a pit of despair.  That change […]

Darling Supporting Characters

On my very first archetype post, Amy, from the blog Inkcouragenent, asked if I could have a post about secondary characters.  I am ending the archetype series with this topic, because it is an archetype that is sometimes an afterthought in writing.  When plotting out your story and characters, do not forget about these secondary (or supporting characters, […]

Life after Death

“Nature herself demands a death and rebirth.”  -C.G Jung Death and Rebirth has to be one of my favorite plot and character archetypes.  I know what you are thinking, “Amanda, it is only your favorite because it deals with death.”  You would not be completely incorrect in that assumption, because I love me some dead […]

“So what’s the symbology there?”

In the famous words of Willem Dafoe’s character, Paul Smecker, in The Boondock Saints, “I’m sure the word you were looking for was symbolism.” With this week’s post, I am wrapping up the major portion of my archetype series with Symbolic Archetypes.  In the coming weeks, Wednesday posts will focus on a specific archetype that highly […]

Location, Location, Location

There is a joke in the real estate industry: In establishing the value of a house, what are the three most important factors? Location, location, location The location in which your story is set is an integral and key component to story crafting.  Without a setting, your story cannot be anchored, leaving your plot and characters […]