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Guest Post Guidelines

In our experience, guest posts make for a richer conversation. We love them! Feel free to approach any of the Muses about guest posting on the Sarcastic Muse. You can also contact us via the contact form or email us at muse@thesarcasticmuse.com.


Almost anything goes as long as it is written through the lens of how the topic affects or impacts creativity, writing, or living in a way that enhances both. For instance, topics could be about the hobbies we pursue that make our writing better, the spark of new ideas, methods for carving out creative time, anything to do with writing craft, publishing, the author’s life, researching for books you write, inspiration, etc, etc. If it is relevant to writers or creatives, bring it on.

Word count should be 350-800 words.

This is a PG-13 blog. Cursing is acceptable within reason (in quotes or in reaction). Images need to be relevant to the post. Romance covers are just fine. (Keep in mind that we have readers from age 12 on up.)

Feel free to plug your book here, but write a post to go with it that explains part of your process or what you learned while writing it.

Style Guide

If appropriate, use headers, bold text, or bullets. Mark them accordingly so we know how to format the post on the site. Shorter paragraphs are ideal. Make sure photos are permissible (yours or creative commons) and that you provide attribution.

Your Information

Include a short biography listing any of your published work (with buy links) and social media contact information.

We’re open to a guest post exchange as well.

Thank you!

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