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 TSM 2016 Writing Tracker – Month per Sheet (automatic download)

TSM 2016 Writing Tracker – Single Sheet (automatic download)


Writing Prompts 

Writing 101

The Importance of Beta Readers

How to be a Good Beta Reader

How to Treat Your Beta Readers

Finding Inspiration

Writers Notebooks

Observational Skills

Outliners vs Pantsers

Character Creation

Read Like a Writer




Character Archetype Series

13 Characters

Journey of the Hero

Footsteps of the Villain

Darling Supporting Characters

The Fallen Support

Life After Death

So What’s the Symbology There?

Location, Location, Location

Attack of the Plot Bunnies

Editing Articles

Finding a Freelance Editor: Types of Fiction Edits

The Freelance Editor Dilemma: Hiring a Good One

Line Editing: Is it Really Necessary for My Novel?

When Should I Spell Out Numbers?

Rolling Eyes, Turning Heads, and Other Autonomous Body Parts

A Bit of Grammar: Verb Tense & Aspect

A Bit of Grammar: Passive and Active Voice

How to Use Ellipses

How to Use Italics

Repetition, Repetition: Effectively Repeated Words

Repetition, Repetition: The Dont’s of Repetitive Writing

Writing Craft

How to Write Poetic Prose: The Sound of Words

Phonetic Punctuation: How Do You Hear Punctuation Marks?

Core Elements of a Horror Story


Writing Process

 Generating Story Ideas

Creating Story Ideas

Developing Story Ideas

How to Organize Writing Ideas

Overcoming Resistance

Planning for Pantsers

How To Get The Most from Writing Sessions

Self-Sabotage and The Writer

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