Go Ahead, Make My Day…

Sorry, I was channeling Dirty Harry there for a moment. I don’t really have a post planned for this week. I’ll be honest, half the time I’m not exactly sure if what I write for these posts actually makes sense, so bear with me while I plod along in this general direction.

Since Jen and I are the only two who write romance here at the Sarcastic Muse, I’ve decided to propose an opportunity for you, our readers,  to ask us questions or suggest topics you’d like to see discussed here from a Romance Writer’s perspective.

I’m not a master of marketing, an editorial wizard, or a proficient writer. I’m never confident in giving advice, probably because my thoughts and experiences lead me in different directions than most people. We all have different tastes, desires, goals, personalities, etc. I can offer my experience/opinion and hope that it touches someone in some way.

That is what I strive to do here. I offer my two cents. Take it, leave it…whatever moves you. ❤


What questions do you have for Kirsten S. Blacketer, Historical Romance Author?

What kinds of topics are you interested in seeing me tackle?

Do you want teasers or book reviews?

I try not to discuss my books on here too much, but if you have questions about my books, I can address those as well.

So go ahead, send me your questions, suggestions, topics, and ideas. I want to write what interests you, our wonderful readers.