A Huge Thank You

One dark morning in the early days of August, six little Muses were woken by the frantic chiming of the Muse Phone (shut up, this is my story and I’ll tell it any damn way I please…). Not being a morning person, Amanda dispatched a shadowy minion to “disconnect” the caller but, fortunately, I snatched up the receiver before any real damage was done.

“Hello?” I said with a voice still thick with sleep.

“Sarcastic Muse?” came the voice on the other end. “S. B. James here–“

“I’m sorry, we’ve already got one…” I was starting to rethink Amanda’s minion. Michelle, who never sleeps (vampire?) took the phone from me.

“Hello S. B. James. How can SM help you today?”

Well, long story short, it turns out that S. B. James didn’t need our help, but was calling to, ever so kindly, nominate us for our first Sarcastic Muse blog award. That’s right, we now have our very own (highly polished) Very Inspiring Blogger Award.

Ta da! (No, I didn’t miss a bit. Well, you polish it then.)

A Huge Thank You

We’re all so proud. Thank you, S. B. James for thinking of us.


Wait! What? No one said anything about rules…

  • Thank and link the amazing person(s) who nominated you.
  • List the rules and display the award.
  • Share seven facts about yourself.
  • Nominate some other amazing blogs and comment on their posts to let them know they have been nominated.

We have to do ALL of them? Can’t we just send a card? Oh, alright…


Seven Facts

As Sarcastic Muse not one writer but a hive mind…collective of writers, we thought it best to offer one fact about each of us as well as nominate those bloggers that inspire our own work. Here goes (apologies in advance)…


Amanda Headlee


The Jabberwocky was the first monster that gave me nightmares and it has caused me to have a mad obsession with Alice in Wonderland and horror.


Andrew Knighton Writes

Slasher Monster


Jen Bradlee


I keep a whip on my desk for motivation.

[Author’s note: she never specified WHO she motivates with it].


Tea and Knee-Socks

Erik Conover


Kirsten Blacketer


I use my toes to pick up things off the floor.

[Author’s note: ewwwwww!]


Decadent Kane

Writers in the Storm


Robyn LaRue


I was offered $20 by a relative for my lasagne recipe. I didn’t sell.



Magic Violinist


Michelle Mueller


I’ve spent the majority of my life working with horses.

[Author’s note: I was sad to later learn that this was not as part of a circus act.]


Lemon City

Dave Cenker


Chris Musgrave


I’ve been detained against my will. Send help immediately. Send–

[Author’s note: the tape continues for a few more seconds. A scream and sounds of a struggle can be heard before it goes dead.]


Melissa Barker-Smith



And finally…


Sarcastic Muse


Each of the Muses has their own Muse Nickname. It’s how we differentiate from each other in the dark.

Once again, we’d like to thank S. B. James for his kind nomination and all of our readers for sticking with us and making it a pleasure to come to work each morning. Before we go, I’d just like to take the opportunity to remind everyone not to call so early…oh, and don’t touch the stuff on the floor…Kirsten’s feet and all that.

Our Newest Addition to the Sarcastic Muse: Welcome Chris Musgrave

Since it’s not every day (as in this is the first time) that someone new joins the Sarcastic Muse, we feel introductions are in order. Of course, we are quite particular. Anyone mixing with us needs to be one part skill, one part talent, and a whole lot of nuts. When Kirsten discovered Chris Musgrave during April’s A-to-Z Blog Challenge, we knew he was something special. He’s a great writer, a great editor, and just crazy enough to hang with the rest of us. To say that we’re looking forward to working with him would be an understatement.

Be on the lookout for his weekly posts every Monday. We plan on keeping him busy.

Welcome, Chris, to the Sarcastic Muse!


If you want to know more about Chris, check out his personal blog. It’s got a ton of quality writerly posts.