Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions

(c) Jessica Gale

(c) Jessica Gale

New year. New resolutions. New goals. New dreams. New commitments. New you. New me. At the flip of the calendar from December to January, everyone tries to reinvent themselves. New annual goals and measures are defined to be attained in the coming year. It’s a rather good practice for one to expand upon their life experiences and to plan for growth. However, within a few short weeks, most plans are derailed and the focus is lost on the “New Year’s Resolution”.

How does one stay on track and keep moving closer to established goals? For starters, set a realistic goal that can be achieved within a set time frame. Let me restate that — set a REALISTIC goal. Yes, I am all for dreaming big, but you are starting out the year new and fresh. Begin with something small that is easily achievable. Focus working on that initial small goal. Once obtained, set your next goal, a little bigger this time, and progress to reach that one.  Establish larger goals with each smaller one that is achieved. This process will help you keep focused without feeling like you have taken on more than you can chew.

Not only should you set realistic goals, but you should be realistic in your expectations. Again – dream, dream, dream, but remember to ground yourself every now and then. If you don’t, you are setting yourself up for heartbreak if you fail. And you know what? There is a good chance that you will fail at some point. We all will. We are human. This is life. Think about what constitutes real life experience. Would life be that enjoyable if we got everything we wanted when we wanted it? The thrill would be taken out of everything we do should all of our desires come to hand with a snap of a finger. You have to work hard, you have to fail, you have to get back on your feet, you have to continue on. To you writers out there who are wallpapering your walls with rejection letters, keep going! Don’t let rejection be a deterrent. Rejection is quintessential in the reality of publication. A rejection means that the publisher at that moment in time was not meant for you. If you stop submitting now, that’s a surefire way to never have any of your work accepted and you’ll be left sitting around with an unpublished manuscript. By submitting, you are getting your name out there. People are noticing you. Don’t ever give up! Your day is coming and you will shine like the sun!

Keep pushing yourself and don’t expect instant gratification. Life is a long road. If you receive everything that you want as soon as you wanted it, the experience in achievement will be lost. You won’t really honor the goal that you attained because you didn’t have to go through the trials to get to it.

Goals are meant to make us work, worry, stress, cry, and scream. But goals are also meant to make us grow, dream, smile, and be happy. Resolutions are the best ways to start with a fresh dream. In this new year of 2016, kick off your plan to achieving your dreams. Stay motivated and keep focus. This is your year!

I have my 2016 writing resolution, do you have yours? If so, comment below.


New Year’s Resolution – Sarcastic Muse Style

Well, it is that time again…  time to define our New Year’s Resolutions for the upcoming year.  With angst and turmoil in our hearts, we write out a list of criteria that we want to become habit within a year’s time frame.  Habits that will hopefully make us better and more whole.  Sadly, most resolutions die out within the first month of the year.  Habits are hard to make, and life can throw us curve balls which makes the habit even harder to keep.  Having friends to make you accountable for your resolutions eases the process.

Our resolutions for 2015 year will be with a Sarcastic Muse twist — all about writing.  In order to keep to our goals here at The Sarcastic Muse, we want to publicly announce our resolutions so that our readers can help us keep us accountable.  And by help, I mean threatening to replace our ice cream store at TSM HQ with broccoli and cauliflower if we lose focus.  Two weeks ago, Chris challenged our minds on how to come up with writing resolutions.   We used that as inspiration and hope you did as well.  If you feel compelled to publicly announce your writing resolutions for 2015, please comment below.  Just a note – since you are making your resolutions public on our website, we will keep on at you about your resolutions… but our tactics are much more terrifying.

Without further ado, here are our resolutions for 2015:

Chris Musgrave

1. Survive…oh, what do you mean it has to be about writing? You guys are killing me here…Fine!

1a. Finally find and plug the plot hole that’s preventing the completion of my first two Harlequin novels.

2 (or is it 3?). Write and post one short story/flash fiction story a week.

(oh, I give up!) Q. Browbeat Michelle into editing for me. Cake will be offered. (I don’t care if that one counts. It’s my resolution and I’m sticking to it).

Michelle Mueller

(Chris edit: Owing to Michelle’s hectic workload and travel schedule, she has yet to submit her resolutions. Needless to say, she will be reprimanded severely…down Fifi…Amanda, bring your best nail pliers.)

Robyn LaRue

1. Manage social media better so it doesn’t impinge on writing time.

2. Work back up to 10k-12k a week, accommodating with new tools as necessary.

3. Publish Shoot the Moon and Edge of Dawn in 2015.

Amanda Headlee

1.  Find more time in the day to devote to writing.

2. Write 2,000 words a day.  It can be towards anything, except business and emails.

3. Finish 1st novel and launch by Summer 2015 & outline the sequel with a Winter 2015 / 2016 launch.

4.  Remember to feed Fifi at least once a day.