Plot Bunnies Run too Damn Fast

Now that my edits are done and my story submitted.  Yikes!  I am free to work on a new project.  There are two that I had set aside to work on my novel.  They began as writing prompt journal entries.  Now their characters entice me, sucking me into their world.  And….and…..

I’m lost for a plot.  I have characters, and sexual tension.  But alas, those plot bunnies are too smart for me.  They keep darting off and jumping into holes before I can even catch a glimpse of their fluffy cotton tails.  I want to give the characters a story in which they can evolve and grow.  It is important to have a good plot with plenty of conflict to shake things up.  Ah, see there is my problem…

In my everyday life, I avoid conflict like my kids avoid brussel sprouts.  But conflict is necessary to propel the growth of the characters in the story.  It’s a necessity!

So what do I do?  How do I find plot and conflict to create the friction needed for a good healthy story?

Dare I look online to find some inspiration?  The internet can be a writer’s best friend, and worst enemy.   A quicksand pit waiting to suck me in with no chance of resurfacing.

I’m struggling here, trying to figure out where to dig up some ideas to cook a good plot then add a healthy dose of conflict.


So I want to know, how do you chase down your plot bunnies?