TSM Recommends: Author Advice, Amtrak Residencies, and Plotting Methods

TSM RecommendsMost of the following links (all but one) are brought to you by Robyn, who probably reads more articles in a week than all the rest of the Muses combined. But who can blame her? She has a knack for finding the interesting informational tidbits.

Creating an Author Business Plan: Identifying Your Audience by Marcy Kennedy over at Fiction University

How the WordPress Philosophy Can Help You Write a Masterpiece by Thomas Umstattd

For those interested in a possible Amtrak Residency (ya know – the one for authors), then Ksenia Anske has started hers and is writing about it: Amtrak Residency Day 1

A gamer myself, I found this particular article an interesting comparison: Five Reasons Why Gaming Has Its Place in Literature by Christina Lewis

You’ve heard the pantsing/plotting debate. But Valerie Comer has added three more types in her article 5 Plotting Methods for Fiction. Which are you?

Read anything interesting this week that you’d like to share with us?  Let us know in the comments!