TSM Recommends: Author Advice, Amtrak Residencies, and Plotting Methods

TSM RecommendsMost of the following links (all but one) are brought to you by Robyn, who probably reads more articles in a week than all the rest of the Muses combined. But who can blame her? She has a knack for finding the interesting informational tidbits.

Creating an Author Business Plan: Identifying Your Audience by Marcy Kennedy over at Fiction University

How the WordPress Philosophy Can Help You Write a Masterpiece by Thomas Umstattd

For those interested in a possible Amtrak Residency (ya know – the one for authors), then Ksenia Anske has started hers and is writing about it: Amtrak Residency Day 1

A gamer myself, I found this particular article an interesting comparison: Five Reasons Why Gaming Has Its Place in Literature by Christina Lewis

You’ve heard the pantsing/plotting debate. But Valerie Comer has added three more types in her article 5 Plotting Methods for Fiction. Which are you?

Read anything interesting this week that you’d like to share with us?  Let us know in the comments!

TSM’s Weekly Recommendations: Art Contests, Blog Articles, and Podcasts

TSM Recommends: Podcasts for WritersIn addition to the normal blog posts and videos that I normally mention in TSM’s Weekly Recommendations, I figured I’d also throw in a bonus announcement. Fantasy Scroll Magazine is hosting a cover art contest and it pays. Artists can win up to $700! You can find more information HERE.

Two articles by Janice Hardy:

This first one looks at the pros and cons of hiring a copy editor for your novel and whether its possible to do it yourself:

This second article looks at how to set your goals for your author business plan:

Patrick Ross writes about using extended metaphors in your writing in part one of his extended metaphor series:

Charlotte Dixon discusses writer self-care in this first part of her Guide to the Care and Tending of Writers:

Jann Alexander discusses how to start writing when you suddenly want to do anything but write. I know we’ve all been there:

A podcast on finding the right editor for your novel:

Nuts & Bolts of Publishing

TSM Recommends: Podcasts for Writers

The Sarcastic Muse supports all paths to publishing, from traditional to self to indie press. For those considering the authorpreneur route of publishing, the crew at Sterling and Stone has put together a series full of useful information.

If you aren’t familiar with the Self Publishing Podcast or Garrett Robinson, this series is a collaboration. The video series includes the things not often talked about on blogs such as how to compile a manuscript, how to upload it, and  practical things that anyone interested in self-publishing has to know. I had to work most of it out on my own, but there’s no reason you have to. It’s a good series and not  yet complete. It’s also a mini-course on Scrivener (in terms of using it to help publish), which is good, useful information.

Here are the videos completed so far:

Authorpreneur Nuts & Bolts #1: Introduction

Authorpreneur Nuts & Bolts #2: Learn How to Self-Publish

Authorpreneur Nuts & Bolts #3: How Much Does it Cost to Publish a Book?

Authorpreneur Nuts & Bolts #4: How to Use Scrivener (the Basics)

Authorpreneur Nuts & Bolts #5: How to Format Front Matter in Scrivener

Authorpreneur Nuts & Bolts #6: How to Format Back Matter in Scrivener

Authorpreneur Nuts & Bolts #7: How to Use Scrivener Collections

The series won’t be complete for a while, but wanted to let you know about it now so you can catch the videos.

What is your favorite go-to source for publishing information?


Podcasts for Writers

TSM Recommends: Podcasts for Writers

As writers, there are a tremendous number of resources available to help us learn everything from basic craft and grammar to marketing. Blog posts, classes, books, and more can overwhelm us with choices.

Some of us prefer to read, some prefer to do, and some prefer to listen. I’m always surprised how much knowledge I can absorb just by hearing it. That’s where podcasts shine. Chances are you can find a podcast on any subject that interests you. For example–well, never mind. We’d be here all day. (I’m also trying to convince the other Muses that a podcast would be fun to do).

So, for writing, I’m recommending six podcasts. Don’t let the titles fool you into thinking these are only for indie authors. topics include all aspects of writing and publishing from story ideas to process, from editing to marketing, and many of the guests on the shows are traditional or hybrid authors as well.

The podcasts are in no particular order. Most if not all are on iTunes and other formats as well.

Joanna Penn, The Creative Penn: Interview format. Her podcast is fantastic and her YouTube Channel is a great resource on all writing topics.  Joanna provides a tremendous amount of resources on her website and shares what she learns as she moves forward in her own publishing career.

The Self-Publishing Podcast (Johnny B Truant, David Wright, Sean Platt), Sterling and Stone: They do some interviews, get in depth and real about process and marketing, and are open about their successes and failures. I’ve “known” Sean and Dave since they started their first blogs, back when I used a different name, and admire their work ethic and fan-based orientation. Warning for language. The Sterling and Stone Youtube channel has lots of fun tidbits.

Simon Whistler,  Rocking Self Publishing: Interview format. YouTube channel is here. I like the questions Simon asks and the way authors open up and get specific. Always great information.

The Story Telling Podcast (Garrett Robinson, Crissy Moss, ZC Bolger, Scott Hamilton): writing topics from process, tips and tricks, to covers and publishing. Here’s the YouTube channel. Warning for language.

Buddy Gott, Buddy’s Writing Show: Interview format. This is a newer one for me but he’s already interviewed writers I like on a personal level (Dave Wright, Melissa Donovan, etc). He also has a fantastic beard.. His YouTube channel is here.

Late addition: I recently started listening to the Self-Publishing Roundtable, but wanted to hear at least 15 casts before recommending them. I have, and I do. Hosts vary but include Carl Sinclair and Wade Finnegan, Trish McCallan, John Ward, and Kevin Michael. Interview format. YouTube channel here.

Do you have a favorite podcast centered on some aspect of writing and authorship? Please share in the comments. We’re always looking for good resources.