Why I Write

Tumblr is addicting. Obviously The Sarcastic Muse tumblr is my favorite, but the Why I Write tumblr blog is a close second. It is a daily joy to go through the posts and read the reason as to why other writers write. However, the ones that make me ‘snaugh’ are the best.

Here is my all time favorite:


I could see myself getting into a lot of trouble. My stories are probably best kept to written fiction. They should probably never be made into a movie or a– (Chris Musgrave leans over and whispers something in my ear) Ohhhh, the kidnapping is the illegal part…

Then there is:


Lucky person. I wish I could only talk to my characters as I fall asleep. Unfortunately mine never shut the hell up. I now understand why people avoid me, the strange girl who is always “talking to herself”.


This one makes me a little sad:


I rather enjoy getting lost in my head. That world has endless ice cream and I can eat it all without gaining an ounce. Plus, I can fly.

This one comes with a warning label:


If you even try, I can guarantee you will walk away bleeding.

Challenge accepted:


I think most writers could go without breathing longer than going without writing.

Damn straight:


Quite possible the best answer in existence:


I write because if I don’t, radioactive-psychic-zombie hamsters will take over the world by mind control and force humanity to run in giant hamster wheels as revenge for stuffing their kin in glass, cedar chip filled aquariums. That, and the world is so much more interesting in my head that I want to share my world’s stories with all of you.

Why do you write?