BDSM in the Writer’s Mind

After watching Chris dig his belongings out of the dumpster and haul them up four flights of stairs, I wondered how sadistic we, the muses, could possibly be. I’m teasing, he only had to haul it up two flights.

But the mention of sadism reminds me…I wanted to clarify my post on BDSM from two weeks ago. Some of you were left wondering what in the heck I was talking about and how it related to writing.

It was a clarification post. With all of the hoopla surrounding *cough* The-Book-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named, I felt it necessary as an author of erotic romance to clarify the common misconceptions about BDSM, since I just attended a workshop and got a crash course in it myself. I did so because I write stories incorporating softer elements of the lifestyle in my stories. Why? Because they intrigue me and because I can.

Jen, what does BDSM have to do with writing in general? I mean we all know why YOU like it. *giggles hush at the piercing glare I send at the peanut gallery that is my writing group*

So in defense of my fascination…I would like to share the connections I’ve made in my writer brain using the acronym itself and how it merges with a writer.

Bondage and Discipline

Domination and Submission

Sadism and Masochism

Alright, let me break it down. I’ve realized that as a writer, all of these terms are keys to my writing. I’m not talking about it in the context of the lifestyle anymore. I’m turning these into WRITER’s terms now.

As a writer we are Bound to our craft. We get so tied up in it that it leaves us helpless, whimpering, sometimes sobbing on the floor, but we are always anticipating what happens next…sometimes with trepidation, but always with a hint of delight.

It takes Discipline to keep up with the ideas in our minds and be the prolific authors we all desire and strive to be. We have to use every whip in our arsenal to motivate ourselves to sit in the chair and WRITE. Punishment and deprivation can sometimes be a powerful motivator.

We are Masochists…we write, polish, edit, submit, plot, and lose sleep over the stories that Dominate us and force us into Submission. And while we don’t love every moment of us, every painful reminder ignites the pleasure in our soul that makes us crave more. Inevitably, we come back to our Master and subject ourselves in hopes of a reward.

We are Sadists. We torture our characters, putting them in unbelievable situations with unbearable agony and guide them wounded and broken to the end of their stories. They are ours to create and care for…and we provide them with endless trials to bring them to the brink of their destinies.


My next post will focus on the use of the Dom/sub dynamic and how it can enhance your story by highlighting the power dynamics between your characters. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to post them below. I look forward to hearing from you all.

Does my assessment of the BDSM for writer’s make sense? Or have I completely fallen off the train and am now going to be digging my belongings out of the dumpster?

Thanks for stopping by today.

❤ Jen.