All The Advice You Really Need

I don’t know if it happens for everyone, but I periodically find myself going back to the basics to remind my writer’s mind as much as my editor’s mind what is needful to write well.  This video says it all.  Writers write.  Inspiration is overrated.  Put in the time and do the work.  Writers are bricklayers more than we are anything else.  Bricklayers lay bricks one at a time.  We lay words one at a time, because words make sentences, sentences make paragraphs, Paragraphs accumulate into chapters, and chapters make a book.

Here’s something to keep you moving.  Even when you aren’t working on a particular project, use writing prompts and write something creative every day.  I’ve learned from personal experience that writing for a job isn’t the same thing.  Write creatively in addition to journaling and writing for work.  Prompts work well for that, and you might end up like Ray Bradbury, who took his lists of words, picked a pair, and wrote a story every single day.