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Who We Are

We are authors pursuing our dreams.  We write in romance, horror, fantasy, alternative research, adult contemporary, historical, and young adult. For our published works, click HERE.

Robyn LaRue  – I write literary YA/Crossover, historical (literary), adult contemporary, romantic suspense, and lots of nonsense. 🙂  My website is Robyn LaRue.  You can also find me at Tumblr, Pinterest, and on Twitter @thewritinghabit.  My Pinterest boards include writing (The Writing Habit), story inspirations, and creativity.

Michelle Mueller – I write fiction and poetry. My main projects at the moment are a collection of prose poems, two fantasy/sci-fi novels, and a Master’s thesis. From a literary perspective, I’m interested in stylistics (especially the nature of textual repetition), the female identity, and ecocriticism. You can find me at my personal blog, Words and Wanderings, for the latest book reviews, random travel musings, and other writer things.

Amanda Headlee is fascinated by the macabre.  It’s not surprising that most of her written material stems from waking nightmares. She has a monster that lives under her bed and when he isn’t terrorizing the local cats, she feeds him cookies. When she is not riding her bike over the rural roads of Pennsylvania she can be found penning worlds full of monsters, demons, and mayhem.

Amanda currently has a novel in progress that delves into Native American lore and Lovecrafitain horror.

You can follow her on Twitter @amandaheadlee or on her personal blog, Amanda Headlee – Darkest Fiction Hour: Writing Monsters and Cosmic Horror.

When Chris Musgrave isn’t pulling the legs off insects and torturing small animals in what he refers to as ‘scientific research’, he can be found scribbling horror and fantasy. He has an overactive imagination and an attention span of almost zero which is why his writing tends to be confined to 500 words or less.

He likes to pretend he’s working on a series of urban fantasy novels and, strangely enough, he is in between blogging over at Chris Musgrave – Writer in Training, and updating his Twitter and Facebook feeds.




7 thoughts on “Who We Are

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  2. I wanted to say Hi. I’ve been following you on pinterest, and on tumblr. I love your prompts. I’m most excited to discover you here on wordpress. Nice to finally meet you… Kind of. Look forward to creating a connection. Happy New Year!

    • Thanks for stopping by the site to say hello! Great to meet you. We’re always super happy to connect with other writers, and it’s wonderful to know you’ve found the prompts useful. We look forward to getting to know you better! Happy New Year to you, too.

  3. Nice blog Michelle, Robyn and Amanda.. Got to explore your blog more though I have just arrived here and I do not know what to say.. But one thing is, I loved your blog title, sarcastic muse 🙂 every time I try to write a story my muse laughs at me and whispers “let’s see how you do it” :/ lol

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